Why Facebook Ads are Better Than Organic Posts for Reaching Your Audience

Facebook has almost 3 billion monthly active users, making it one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. This makes it an incredibly attractive social media platform for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to advertise their services, connect with customers in a different way and find potential new clients.

However, it can be difficult to know whether organic Facebook posts are better for reaching your audience, or if investing in paid Facebook adverts are best for your business. Let’s take a look.

What are Organic Posts?

Organic Facebook posts (sometimes referred to as organic Facebook marketing) are simply posts that you create and post without paying any money to do so. These make up the vast majority of posts that you will see on your timeline.

Organic posts are crucial for business pages (both those who run paid Facebook ads and those who don’t) to stay in touch with their customer base.

Social media marketing offers another touchpoint to keep a brand name in front of customers and at the forefront of their minds so that next time they go to make a purchase, your business is the first thing they think of. Regular, consistent posting of relevant and interesting content is key.


What are Paid Facebook Adverts?

Facebook also provides business pages with the option to advertise on the platform. This is when a business pays money to have their post shown to people who are not followers of their page . These posts will appear with the word ‘Sponsored’ at the top of the advert.

There are many different types of paid Facebook ads. This includes photo and video adverts, slideshow adverts, carousel adverts and more.


Why are Paid Facebook Ads Better Than Organic Posts?

Paid Facebook adverts will be shown to a target audience well beyond your existing followers, so you don’t need 1000’s of fans to get your message across to 1000’s of people.

Paid Facebook adverts offer a huge variety of formats which can be hugely beneficial for some businesses. For those with visual products or who are promoting events, video adverts can be key and users can choose the type of ad that suits them and their product best.

Businesses don’t need to invest huge amounts of money into paid Facebook ads in order for them to be effective. It is easy to target a lot of people with a modest budget and you can easily set caps of how much you spend per day or per advert. If you work with a marketing company like Caffeine Marketing who knows everything there is to know about Facebook advertising this will provide excellent value for money.

With paid Facebook advertising it’s easy to target very specific groups of people, which is ideal for businesses who know exactly who their ideal customer is. Facebook allows targeting users by age, location, occupation, likes, interests, and so much more. This means getting products or services in front of those who are likely to be most interested in them and make a purchase is easier than ever before.


If you want to find out more about using organic Facebook posts, paid Facebook ads or a combination of both, Caffeine Marketing are here to help. We have been managing successful Facebook marketing campaigns for clients for years and know how to get real results.

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