SEO Bath

SEO Bath

So why does being on the first page of Google matter so much? It matters because people trust search engines to do the sorting, and assume what they search for will appear on page 1. So, if you are not on the first page you might as well not be on the list.

Type SEO Bath into Google, Yahoo or Bing, and Caffeine Marketing will appear on the first page. If you search for an SEO Agency in Bath or SEO in Somerset, you will find us there too. Our search engine rankings are not luck but are the result of hard work and an investment in our SEO. As a modern business, we know that search engine performance is critical to the success of our business, and yours as well.

Caffeine Marketing is a leading Bath SEO Agency that provides the whole range of Search Engine Optimisation services. We work with clients in Bath, Somerset, North Somerset and Bristol, helping them to improve their local, regional and national search engine rankings.

We focus our SEO strategies on delivering sustainable, long-term improvement to your search engine performance. Our clients trust us to help improve their rankings in search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If you’re searching for SEO Bath, contact us to why we are the Number 1 choice.

Caffeine Marketing

SEO Somerset Services

SEO Agency Bath

Technical Analysis

We will conduct a technical audit of your site, identifying and fixing any technical blocks that could affect your rankings or hold you back.

SEO Agency Somerset

Keyword Research

Keywords are at the heart of SEO, so let us unlock them for you. Using tools and techniques, we will identify high-value search terms and keywords. We will use these to optimise your website and future-proof its content.

SEO Somerset

On-Page SEO

Using the keywords we have identified, we will get to work on the pages, optimising headers, meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags and other content elements that search engine algorithms use to rank you.

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Content & Link Building

Search engines like simple, clear and compelling content, so let us create it for you. We can create content that improves SEO performance and generates high-quality backlinks that will enhance your website’s Domain Authority (DA).

Can SEO Drive Traffic to my Website?


Yes is the answer to this frequently asked question, if properly carried out. In today’s digital world, a website optimised for search engine performance is essential. Look at it as an investment in your success.

At Caffeine Marketing, we take the stress out of SEO. Our Bath-based Digital Marketing experts and search engine specialists are on-hand and available to help you grow online.

Our Somerset SEO services and Digital Marketing plans are cost-effective and targeted, delivering exceptional value for money in a crowded marketplace.

We only use ethical, white-hat SEO methods. We are a Google Partner, so everything we do complies with all search engine guidelines, and we offer full transparency to all of our clients. We invest our time and effort in SEO improvements that deliver long-term results.

All of our SEO work is carried out by UK-based Digital Marketing experts. We invest in each member of staff to ensure that they regularly update their skills through training and development. This dedication has helped establish us as one of the best Bath SEO companies. It ensures we continue to deliver for all our valued customers.


SEO Somerset Services Include


  • Full technical site audits
  • Content creation
  • Link building
  • Keyword research
  • Detailed monthly reports showing keyword movement and Google analytics trends

Are all Bath SEO Agencies the Same?


As one of Bath’s most trusted SEO Agencies, we recommend our clients follow a long-term, content-led approach to search engine improvements. Some less ethical SEO agencies use underhand techniques to attempt to raise rankings.

In the short term, these techniques can work, but in the long-term, they can lead to punishing penalties that can see you tumble down the rankings.


Why is top 3 in Google Important?


32.5% of searchers click on the top listing


61.5% of users only look at the top 3 listings


Only 8.5% of searchers will go to page 2

Do you offer other services as well as SEO?

Yes, as we consider SEO to be just one part of the entire Digital Marketing mix. We can provide SEO services on their own but are also able to offer a much more extensive range of Digital Marketing services, including PPC, Branding, Web Design, Content and more.

By looking at your entire Digital Marketing strategy, we can deliver affordable and sustainable improvements to all aspects of your business, achieving success offline and online.

Need a New SEO Agency Bath Partner? Contact us Today

If you want to work with a new SEO Agency in Somerset or Bath, then get in touch. We will begin by auditing your current website to identify any issues that could be holding you back, and will then work to develop an SEO-based strategy for your online success.

Together we can unlock the potential of your site, improve your search engine ranking and drive visitor numbers. Contact us today.

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