Is WordPress Still the Best Website Platform?

WordPress currently powers around 43% of all websites, making it the world’s most popular content management system [source]. Its popularity with website owners worldwide is a testament to its power and results as a website platform. Let’s look at why WordPress is still the best website platform out there.


It’s Simple to Use

Perhaps the WordPress platform’s most enticing factor is its simplicity. The intuitive interface makes it easy to create new pages, publish blog posts, add images, and move things around when required. As it’s so simple to use, people need little to no website building knowledge.


Accessible from Anywhere

The WordPress platform is browser-based, so can be accessed from anywhere. Users can log in from any computer, any browser and even from a mobile device, so it’s easy to use on the go.


Accessed by Multiple Users

Another great thing about WordPress is that administrators can add multiple users to the website, assigning each person different access levels to limit what people can access and what changes they can make.


Create any Design

With some website platforms, there are limits on the number of designs you can create; however, this isn’t the case with WordPress. A website’s appearance can be customised to suit every company or individual who uses it. This customisation allows businesses to present a website that perfectly reflects their brand, values, purpose, and products or services to their clients and customers.


Blogging is Easy with WordPress

WordPress was initially created as a blogging platform and still allows users to add and edit blog posts easily and quickly. It makes it simple to add blog posts to your home page or widgets, set up RSS feeds, and so much more.


Plugins Mean You Can Add Almost Anything

There are hundreds of thousands of plugins that WordPress users can download and add to their website to customise further and add extra functionality. There are plugins for event calendars, videos, image galleries, social media feeds, and so much more. Whatever you need, there’s most likely a plugin for it.


It is SEO Friendly

A great website doesn’t benefit you if your potential customers can’t find it, which is why SEO is so important. WordPress websites are extremely SEO friendly and only get better when you implement additional SEO practices.


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