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You Still Don’t Have a Digital Marketing Plan?


It is important for a business to develop a digital marketing strategy that can help them to achieve their company goals and establish an online presence. A digital marketing plan lays the foundation for ongoing online activities; therefore, it is a vital means for outlining objectives and attaining goals. Consider how you can analyse and optimise marketing in the future: is it through greater outreach to target audiences? A more defined marketing direction? Whatever your business objectives, an effective digital marketing strategy will define required transformations and establish how to achieve your goals. 


1.    Established Digital Marketing Direction and Structure

A clear and defined strategy establishes your goals for digital marketing and allows you to maintain direct focus on the importance of digital marketing for your business. Forward planning, a defined structure and a clear direction determines how you can achieve these goals and ensures that everything is kept on track.

2.    Consistency, Accuracy and Ongoing Optimisation

A digital marketing strategy creates a framework for consistency and co-ordination. Customers and followers rely on consistency of messages, brand, and timing; hence this is a vital aspect in achieving customer retention and support. Without efficient organisation of digital marketing: irregularity and inconsistency can occur. The level of impact that digital marketing has, would therefore, be much lower than that of a well-coordinated plan. 

An ongoing digital marketing plan additionally allows for improved accuracy of marketing techniques. You can gain a good perspective of the types of marketing which work best for your business; and can develop these methods to improve overall success. You can gain improved understanding of your audience, can refine messages to have greater impact, and can monitor your approach.

A good digital marketing strategy will include specific times for reviewing analytics so that you maintain the most effective marketing strategy possible. You will be able to clearly see where improvements can be made, where problems are arising, and where exactly you are getting results. 

3.    Management and Integration

A good strategy allows you to efficiently manage digital marketing and those who are involved. You can be specific about where further delegation or support is necessary; you can manage your staff easier as they will have clear objectives in regard to the overall business goals; and you can make adjustments as necessary. 

Through development of a clear strategy, you can integrate digital marketing with other aspects of your business; rather than isolating it as a separate marketing technique. By efficiently planning and coordinating digital marketing with other marketing campaigns, your overall outreach will grow, and responses will improve. 


Did you know that one in five small businesses still don't use digital marketing? Instead, they rely on traditional forms such as print ads. Whilst this strategy may bring in some business, small business owners would be amazed by the huge online marketplace and how much it could benefit them. No business, no matter how small,should discredit online prospects. Here are some reasons why digital marketing is beneficial to small businesses:

  • You can achieve targeted customer outreachby refining your advertisements to be seen by people who are genuinely interested. 
  • Cost-effectivemethod that doesn’t require a large budget. Advertising online can often be cheaper than costly printing.
  • Marketing campaigns can be shared instantly; you don’t need to wait for it to be printed.
  • A clever marketing plan can bring in organic trafficby using relevant keywords to improve your rankings on search engines.


If you want to increase the online presence of your business, Caffeine Marketing can help you to establish an effective digital marketing plan that will connect you with your target market. You can reap the rewards of a strategic and engaging digital marketing campaign that will push your business to the next level. For more information visit www.caffeinemarketing.co.uk or better yet give us a ring!