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Why Companies Need SEO

The Basics of SEO

If you're managing a business, investing in SEO should be a priority. A strong SEO strategy can help you to rank higher on search engine results and reach a greater number of potential customers. Below we've detailed how SEO for estate agents as an example, is particularly useful when targeting people who are looking to list their property online.

What is SEO?

In simple terms, SEO for estate agents is the process of choosing specific keywords that people who are looking to sell are likely to type into Google. As a person searches, Google's bots crawl the web to find the most relevant search results. The closer your keywords are to the words the person has searched for, the higher up the page ranking you'll appear. Pages that rank high on the first page of a Google search result receive higher amounts of traffic.

How can SEO help an a business?

If you're based within a town or cover a fairly local geography, including location-based keywords on your site can be a great way to improve your search ranking results. If you're a national company, you can still target people across the UK, by ensuring throughout your website there are different pages with keywords dedicated to the different regions you operate in.

What's so brilliant about SEO?

Unlike PPC advertising on Google, SEO isn't charged by Google. But due to the rapid and regular changes Google makes to its algorithms, partnering with an experienced SEO company to help manage your SEO strategy is advisable as the best way to stay on top of changes and developments. The more traffic you're sending to your website, the higher the chances you have of converting people into customers.

The other great thing about SEO is that you can constantly test which keywords are returning results for your business and which are not and amend accordingly.

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