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Is It Time For a Rebrand?

A brand is a critical component of your business’s identity. It goes further than just a logo. It’s the entire aesthetic of your company, and also the message and the voice that delivers that message. As it’s so crucial to your business’s marketing and how you communicate with customers, rebranding isn’t a choice that’s made lightly. But if your business is in need of a rebrand, neglecting to do this can be a costly mistake.

How do you figure out whether or not it’s time for a rebrand?

Have you evolved beyond your current brand?

Everything changes with time and brands are no exception to this. No successful, long-running businesses have kept their branding exactly the same as when they were first created. Your current branding might better represent a smaller business than you are or want to be. As your services and goals change, your brand should change to reflect that.

Does it stand out from your competitors?

If you have competitors that are better known, or just as well-known as you, who are using very similar branding, finding a new visual style can make you all the more distinct and help you stand out on the market.

Does it communicate what you want it to?

Brands are not just fancy logos, colour schemes, and the use of particular imagery. They are there to communicate a message, a theme, and a personality. Perhaps your existing brand looks professional and high-quality, but it doesn’t communicate the core values of your business, whether that’s a focus on green business, fun and liveliness, prestige and timelessness or something different. Rebrand to make sure your business’s image fits its message.

Is it reaching everyone you want to reach?

When business is going well or not, you need to keep looking for ways to grow, and tapping into new demographics is a great way to do just that. When targeting different age ranges, demographics, and foreign markets, translating your brand to one that better fits their wants and expectations can help you better reach the market. This way, you can capture one of the most reliable keys to growth.

Do you love it?

It’s an emotional question, but one that is just as important as the practical considerations. If you’re proud of your brand and your team is proud of your brand, everyone will be much more motivated to stand by it. If you’re embarrassed by it, hesitant to share it, or you simply don’t feel enthusiastic about identifying with it, these are major warning signs that you’re in need of a rebranding.

Consider the key components of your brand (the logo, the message, the visual style) and how you market that brand, take a good look and ask yourself whether it needs an overhaul. Caffeine Marketing can help you with a fresh opinion, and no emotional ties, offering the insight and expertise of a team that has helped countless companies get their brands and marketing on point. www.caffeinemarketing.co.uk/branding