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Does Yell.com work?

In the 80’s & 90’s The Yellow Pages (Yell) was a very successful company, helping millions of businesses to advertise themselves to consumers across the UK. Yell produced a large phone book every year: The Yellow Pages. This was comprised of printed business adverts, categorised by industry, for hundreds of different companies relating to any market area that you could need. In its prime, Yell was ranked in the FTSE list of top 100 UK companies. 

However, as the internet developed, and a new online world was created, Yell was left behind. Businesses transitioned from printed advertisements to digital marketing in order to expand their consumer outreach and increase their brand recognition. Yell’s failure to transition alongside them left the company with a debt of billions. 

Many years after The Yellow Pages became obsolete and shrank from a thick book of advertisers to a flimsy collection of just a few businesses, Yell has finally abolished The Yellow Pages and is trying to resurface as an online platform for digital marketing. They call themselves Yell.com and claim to be the UK’s leading online business directory. But does Yell.com actually work? 

So, should you use Yell.com for digital marketing?

Yell appears to lack passion or knowledge about the new field that it has entered. Yes, printed advertising was what Yell focused on before, however, digital marketing is very different to traditional methods which is something that Yell has not grasped. 

Digital marketing requires continuous dedication and adaptation on a daily basis in order to remain relevant; it requires marketing companies that are interested in exploring analytic data in order to improve the marketing of their customers; and it requires enthusiasm about the digital world.

Yell is good at making a profit for themselves, possibly even at the expense of their customers. Yell sells their customers Google Ads and PPC at an exceptionally high premium, so customers end up paying much more for their search rankings than is actually paid to the providers of the ads!

Yell customers are businesses who have always advertised in The Yellow Pages and have just stayed with the same company, often because they don’t know how to change or because they are confused by the offers and packages that Yell offers. Yell sales staff are very good, after all they have been selling Yellow Pages adverts for years.  In the past not being in The Yellow Pages was probably a bad idea, but as the internet has developed and changed so have your advertising options.

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