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8 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram is an incredible social media platform that can help any business to achieve huge recognition. The more Instagram followers that a business has; the greater their customer outreach will be. Here is a simple guide on how to get more followers on Instagram:

1.    Interesting Content 

People tend to follow Instagram pages that post photos which make them smile. If a page includes desirable content (such as breath-taking scenery, mouth-watering food, beautiful clothing) then people will be drawn to it.

2.    Beautiful Photography 

If an image is shot with great lighting and edited to perfection it can help to make your Instagram page look more professional. A photo which is dark, blurry and undersaturated is not eye-catching, and would not draw people to it. People follow Instagram pages that post beautiful photos because it brightens their feed.

3.    Engaging Bio 

An Instagram bio is a great way to describe your page in an engaging way; to encourage people to follow. If your bio is boring and uninspiring then people will quickly make a negative judgement of who you are and what your page is about. On the other hand, if your bio is insightful then is can quickly convert page visitors into followers.

4.    Eye-catching Profile Photo

Until someone clicks to visit an Instagram account, the profile photo is the only image that can be seen. It is therefore important to ensure your profile photo is beautifully intriguing; as this will encourage more people to visit your page. 

5.    Catchy Account Name 

When naming your Instagram account, it should be reflective of your brand and what its about. Creating a name that is a random collection of numbers and letter is a bad idea because people are unlikely to remember it. Therefore, even if your page consists of amazing content, it would be hard to generate followers because people could not refer you to their friends. 

6.    Show Your Account Is Credible 

Linking your website and sharing customer photos are just some of the ways to give credibility to your page. If people can see that your brand is credible, appreciated and used by others: then they will be more inclined to follow. You can also increase credibility by getting customers to post photos of your brand and tag your Instagram.

7.    Join Engagement Groups 

On Instagram, an engagement group is a page which has been created specifically to increase followers’ organic reach. Within these groups, followers are willing to exchange likes/comments with other followers. There are many different types of engagement groups and most are free: you just have to message them to ask for entry. 

8.    Hashtags

Hashtags are an easy way to attract people to your page. The more relevant hashtags you use, the more engagement people will have with your page. Make sure you stick to hashtags specific to your niche; to be found by an audience that is relevant to your brand.

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