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5 Reasons Why PPC (Google Ads) is Crucial for Your Business

What is PPC (Google Ads)?

Google Ads PPC (often called Google Adwords) is a part of Google Search Engine Marketing. This pay-per-click (PPC) marketing enables businesses to bid for ad placement in Google’s search engine sponsored links when someone searches for a relevant keyword. The success of a business’s bid depends on their Quality Score (relevance of their keywords and ad campaigns, click-through rate, and landing page quality) alongside their CPC Bid (the amount of money they are willing to spend). 

Every time the ad is clicked, the business will pay Google a small fee. The amount of this fee is dependent on the CPC Bid specified, as well as user satisfaction, so can be reduced if Google finds that the ad and landing page are useful to users. Therefore, it is important for a business to have a clear understanding of how to use PPC so that the effectiveness of their Google ad is optimised.

Why is PPC (Google Ads) crucial for YOUR business?

1.    Cost effective

A good PPC ad has been optimised so that the money paid to Google is only a minuscule cut from the overall business profit. Optimised ads lead to an increase in sales due to an increase in landing page visits from relevant Google users; resulting in a high return on your investment.  

2.    Increased business traffic

Millions of people click on Google ads every day. Therefore, it can send your business a huge amount of traffic: increasing public awareness about your business and increasing your pool of potential customers.  

3.    Works well alongside SEO

You can use PPC to test the effectiveness of different keywords so that you know which keywords to target with long term SEO. It is also a great tool for local SEO optimisation because PPC ads can bring in customers looking for products and services in your area. 

4.    Advanced Marketing Techniques

Google Ads allows you to use remarketing, to target people that have already visited your website but did not complete a purchase. If a Google user is continuously searching for a specific item, then you can strategically position your ad at the top of their search page to remind them to make a purchase. 

5.    Accurate Target Audience

Google Ads now provides a more analytical picture of the effectiveness of a business’s PPC ad. If you are able to understand the in-depth information that your PPC ads provides, you will be able to refine your ad so that you can accurately target relevant Google users.

If you are interested in starting a Google Ads PPC campaign for your business, or would like to improve your current campaign, then you should speak to Caffeine Marketing, they have the expertise and experience to optimise your online advertisements. For more information about what Caffeine Marketing can provide for you in terms of PPC; and for a free review from our expert team to highlight a plan which can increase return to your website, visit www.caffeinemarketing.co.uk/ppc/