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3 LinkedIn Ad Examples and Why They Work for B2B advertising

LinkedIn is a social network platform where professionals can connect with one another. Its intended purpose is to help users to find new opportunities and grow their careers. LinkedIn can also be used by businesses as a place to distribute their content. Businesses can post information on their LinkedIn page to increase brand awareness and promote certain products or services which can then be viewed by other professionals or businesses who have connected with the page. Similarly, businesses can pay for advertisements which appear on the newsfeed of other LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn is a functional and powerful marketing tool that generates leads for businesses and drives traffic to their websites. It is the most popular advertising channel for Business to Business (B2B) marketers compared to other social media platforms. However, due to the vast number of marketers that use LinkedIn, mundane ads can go unnoticed. Therefore, it is important to understand how to create compelling and inspiring advertisements in order to achieve the most out of LinkedIn B2B marketing. Here are 3 examples of engaging LinkedIn advertisements that work well for B2B.

LinkedIn Text Ad

(50x50 image, 25-character heading, 75-character description)

A Text Ad is ideal for increasing brand awareness. It is a small advertisement that should be carefully crafted to present focused information about your business, or a product/service. A short piece of text is easily digestible, so can be a powerful tool to engage users with your business. 

Example of quality LinkedIn Text Ads:

Both ads have informative titles that draw people in and encourage them to read the text underneath. The content of the ad does not directly sell you anything which makes the piece seem helpful rather than promotional. A user would therefore feel more inclined to visit the website for more information. The images are simple which does not distract from the text, but rather enhances it in a playful and imaginative way. 

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

(1200x627 image, 150-character heading, 70-character description) 

Sponsored Content is presented on a LinkedIn user’s newsfeed for those who fit a specific audience criterion, defined by the advertiser. It allows content to be reached by relevant people who do not follow the LinkedIn page of the business.

An example of a quality LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ad:

The layout of this advertisement is simple yet effective. The information is presented in a structured, but intriguing way: the promotional 20% off incentive is written in large text so is catches the viewer’s attention; the slogan is witty and memorable; and there is not an excessive amount of text, so it is not overwhelming. The ‘two-day sale’ creates a sense of urgency, which could compel a reader to make a quick impulsive purchase.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

(300x250 image, 25-character heading, 30-character subject-line, 500-character body, 25-character CTA button)

Sponsored InMail allows businesses to send personalised messages to LinkedIn users that have previously interacted them. It is a tailored advertising technique that targets relevant audiences with relevant content. 

An example of a quality LinkedIn Sponsored InMail:

This advertisement has a distinctive title that immediately gives the receiver an incentive to read the contents of the message. The text is brief, personal, and straight to the point which makes it easier for the reader to understand and follow. It uses a persuasive writing style which is very engaging. The text itself is a balance between selling the business, selling the contest, and selling the prize.

Using LinkedIn to market your business is a very effective form of B2B advertising, but the ads need to be effectively created with your end goal in mind.  Spending time deciding on the type of advertising you need to achieve your goal, and then creating the right advert will ensure you get the best results!  Speak to us at Caffeine Marketing about our marketing packages, including LinkedIn advertising, and get the results your business needs!