SEO is a process, not an end goal

Search engine optimisation (SEO) isn’t about a secret sauce or gaming against the search algorithms. What you really need is a thorough understanding of what people want when they search, and why they want it. There is no big secret, which is what makes SEO so difficult, it’s a constantly moving target and you need to keep up with the process, rather than aiming for that end goal. Plus the thing that makes it all the more annoying is… we don’t make the rules, the search engines themselves do!

As we have said there is no quick fix for SEO, be clear from the start they there is no end, it’s a continually changing process, but if you get the basics right the journey will be a lot easier. So here are our search engine optimisation top tips…

#1 – Make Content King

There really is no denying the importance of content, without content there is no online visibility. Focus on the topics your audience is interested in, address their main points and answer their questions. Optimise your content from the start, it will save you a lot of headaches in the end

#2 – Follow the Rules

Rather than trying to fight the system and complaining about the search engine algorithms, follow the basic rules and ensure your site offers a great user experience; carefully select your keywords, ensure your pages do not feature any broken links, develop a sitemap, use clean code and publish a wide array of content.

#3 – Be Consistent

SEO is never done! You will never get to the end of the process and there is no such thing as a perfect website, just ensure you are the “least imperfect” and be better than your competition.

Being consistent with the basics of SEO is a perfect way to do that, while also delivering a great digital experience and understanding your audience better.

#4 – Balance Your Efforts

A successful digital marketing campaign includes more than just SEO. Inbound marketing is actually at its best when SEO is used in combination with paid advertising methods, PR and other marketing techniques. It’s all about balance on the web today.

#5 – Give the People What They Want

In the process of trying to get your site ranking higher, it can sometimes be easy to forget that you are actually optimising for people (customers, followers, subscribers etc.) not the search engines. When creating your content always keep your customer’s needs above the process of achieving higher rankings, it will ensure you are way more successful in your search engine optimisation quest.

Our Search Engine Optimisation experts can tailor your SEO services to suit both your business and your budget. So whether your website needs organic SEO, or Google Adwords assistance (Pay Per Click), we’re here to help. Your Caffeine Marketing SEO consultant will do a full review of your business and explain the search engine optimisation techniques we will use to help your business, so contact us

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