An Alternative to Yell.’s Declining Market Share Prices and Declining Traffic

The website has seen a significant decline in traffic over the past five years. There are fewer and fewer people searching online for “”. Anyone looking to market a business now has a multitude of other options including going directly to Google.  Read the article below to find out more about prices and what options are there for you.

  • The number of searches for on Google has decreased by 91% since 1015
  • The amount of organic search traffic to the website has decreased from 10.3m visitors to 5.3m visitors pm since November.

Source: Prices

After Yell stopped publishing the Yellow Pages in 2018, thousands of SMEs were left wondering what they should do.  Many were confused by Yell product, package and pricing offer so looked around to alternative marketing agencies.  Caffeine Marketing saw an influx of former Yell customers come over to our service where they enjoy transparent and fair pricing and outstanding results.

Just some results of Yell customers who have switched to Caffeine Marketing have found:

· An increase in the number of visitors to one client’s website by 99%, from June this year compared to last June, a huge leap from 4180 visitors to 8320!

· A savings of over £15,000 a year on advertising costs for a number of clients who have switched. They are all now getting a record volume of traffic to their website whilst saving money!

· A reduction of 213% in the cost of one client’s Google Ads program, from £1 per click to 32p per click!

· 105,548 new impressions on a new client’s Facebook page in just one month through Social Media Management! Advertising

Google makes up 83.49% of the search market share in the UK. The graph below shows the top 5 search engines in the UK and Yell are nowhere to be seen. It is a good time to ask, who uses and why does such a big percentage of your budget is with

Yell Websites

Yell offers a few options which initially appear as a potentially nice package, with website prices starting at £499.  The fine print, however, includes a £60-£75 per month service charge which makes the cost year one approximately £1395, and if you keep the website for 5 years it could cost up to £4100!

PPC Google Ads

Yell sell this product hard and they are correct that Google Ads is a product highly recommended by all digital marketing experts. What you should dig deeper and ask, is the percentage cut Yell take from the Google Ads spend.   Therefore if you are giving them £300 a month towards Google Ads, not all of this money will actually go towards the advertising.  Some agencies take a cut of as much as 45%

Here are two examples of Google Ad campaigns that were switched from Yell to Caffeine Marketing.

Caffeine Marketing- The Alternative

Your marketing strategy and campaign should be personalised to your business! It should be flexible and meet all of your marketing goals.  You should be looking for a digital marketing company that believes in delivering and proving results to their clients, using the most up to date marketing tools and techniques at hand.  Caffeine Marketing is just such a company

We will ensure that you have:
·    A great website
·    Great SEO on your new or existing site
·    A reasonably priced and effective AdWords (PPC) campaign

We will also:
·      Set up and manage your Social Media
·      Create Blogs
·      Create and manage Email marketing
·      and much more!

All at a much lower cost

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